Ibogaine Partners

Save Lives with a Drug & Alcohol Detox Clinic Opportunity!

Today it seems everyone is addicted to something. For many, their addiction is literally destroying their lives. Often they and their families would pay anything to cure that addiction. We’ve all heard an addict can’t stop until they truly want to stop, but even then it seems there’s little help. The typical rehab facility costs $10,000-$40,000 per month with a three-month minimum stay and yet only has a 10% success rate.

Imagine the demand if there were a rehab facility that delivered a 90% success rate! And did it in 24 hours at a total cost of less than $10,000. No don’t imagine it, just read on, because it’s true. We’re here to tell you about this facility and to offer you an ownership share of it as we prepare to bring this treatment to America.

Franchise Profile

  • Investment Range: $25,000
  • Liquid Capital Req: $25,000
  • Business Type: Biz Op
  • Training & Support: Yes
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